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Each of us at least once had to "kiss" a closed door. The cause of a broken lock can be anything. Moisture and foreign objects, frost and heat, finally, the wear and tear of the core - all this can cause a lot of inconvenience. The key can be lost, stolen or broken and the combination can slip your mind when the time comes! In bad weather or in a hurry such moments can be especially unpleasant. In order not to tempt the fate, the careful owner of the house, car or safe deposit box will find out in advance where you can order the quick and qualitative opening of the locks. Projekt Home in Richmond asa a partner of Top Locksmith Richmond provides this service.

When do I need door lock repair?

Lock repair may be needed in a variety of cases. Among the most common reasons are the following:

  • Improper installation of locks or the metal door itself;
  • failure to follow the rules of exploitation of the mechanism;
  • physical wear and tear;
  • Distortion of the door opening - in most cases it is the result of building settlement;
  • burglary attempt - in this case, the repair is necessary for security reasons.

If the lock mechanism breaks down, it is not always necessary to buy a new lock. The qualified repair will allow you to restore the lock mechanism performance - it will work flawlessly for a long time. You should contact Projekt Home in Richmond if you notice the following signs of damage:

  • the door cannot be slammed on the latch;
  • to bring the mechanism into action, it is necessary to apply excessive force;
  • the lock is periodically or permanently blocked;
  • the key is turned, but the lock does not close;
  • the key has difficulty entering and/or exiting the keyhole.

Repair of door locks of the iron (steel) door performed by the experts - it saves your time and money. Such work requires special knowledge, tools and experience. Attempts to solve the problem by your own hand may lead to negative consequences, up to complete breakage of the mechanism without the possibility of its restoration

Replacement of defective parts is carried out with the use of original component parts. This guarantees the mechanical resistance to burglary. The most important advantage of professional repair work is its efficiency. In case of emergency the masters will arrive without any delay and they will do the work urgently.

How are the locks repaired?

The first stage is thorough diagnostics, which you should by no means neglect. Due to the use of the most modern tools the masters of our company are able to determine with the high degree of accuracy, what exactly the parts are out of order and do not allow the mechanism to work properly.

Analysis of the breakdown makes it possible to determine the cause of the malfunction. And without elimination of the source of failure it is simply impossible to guarantee that the mechanism will work properly in the future. That is why diagnosis plays one of the main roles.

Works to restore the serviceability of the lock mechanism may have varying degrees of complexity. Their volume is determined on the basis of diagnostic results. Among the most frequently required operations are the following:

  • tightening, cleaning and lubrication;
  • recoding;
  • Secret part troubleshooting;
  • Reed or latch repair;
  • handle repair;
  • reinforcing the lock with armored plates;
  • Finishing of mating part - is required in case of door leaf warping.

Repair of the lock in the metal door

The exact cost of repair can be defined only after the diagnostics. The fact is that the price depends on a number of factors:

  • the type of locking mechanism and keys;
  • number of bolts and lock turns;
  • presence/absence of rods;
  • necessity of door disassembling.

You can find the price list on our website. It will help you to estimate the price of the service. Call us at (800) 545-1192

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