Repair of locks on the doors

Repair of locks on the doors of apartments, cars, and safes

The lock at the entrance door of an apartment has broken? Take your time to change it! If the model is not cheap production, the locking mechanism can be easily restored by replacing worn-out or broken elements. Call the master of our service, he will quickly identify the problem and make high-quality repair of the lock in the metal door. If you use quality spare parts and components, the device will last an additional 5-7 years.

When do I need door lock repair in Richmond?

Our masters perform an overhaul of locks in apartment doors, which includes the following types of work:

  • replacement of the latch;
  • mechanism adjustment;
  • assembling metal armor plate;
  • replacement of the bolts;
  • recoding.

The most common modifications of locking devices are cylindrical and lever. Cylindrical locks break most often because the pins or pins are made of softer alloys and wear out quicker than the other parts of the construction. To repair the lock at the entrance door and make it work again, it is enough to replace the metal latch pin.

Lever door locks of the budget category are usually sold without an additional set of suvalds, so it is cheaper to replace the whole device than to repair it. Expensive models are sold complete with replacement plates. When repairing them, you only have to open up the design, replace the broken elements and recode the entire mechanism.

It is more difficult if the key of a lock with a high level of secrecy and security is broken. For example, some keys for mechanisms can not be copied, they have to be ordered from the service center, which increases the time of repair up to 1-2 weeks.

Our service is staffed by experienced craftsmen, who thoroughly know the peculiarities of all types of locking mechanisms:

  • English locks
  • Thumbtacks locks
  • Pins locks
  • Disk locks
  • Electromechanical code mechanisms.

If there are some problems with the door lock you shouldn't postpone its repair and wait for the jamming of the entrance door. However, you shouldn't try to solve the problem with the locking mechanism by yourself! Lever locks have a complex design, protected by numerous secrets, and electromechanical devices are programmed so that the slightest damage to the electronics triggers blocking and they stop to open and close.

Why is it profitable to apply to us?

Many Richmond residents recommend our service to their family and friends when the door locks malfunction, noting:

  • affordability of repair;
  • high quality of work;
  • urgent arrival;
  • wide choice of accessories;
  • one-year warranty.

Do you have a problem with the lock and the apartment door won't open? Do not rush to spend money on a new device! Our masters are ready to repair it in a short time and at an affordable price. Make a call by calling or leaving a request on the website. Call us at (800) 545-1192

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